Mooc - Collective intelligence for managers and their teams

Mooc l'IA pour les managers

April 15, 2019
June 2, 2019

Do you hear in the media about artificial intelligence and you want to know how it will transform your job and your way of working? This mooc is for you. He was shot with experts in USA, China, Singapore, Indonesia and France. It aims to explain, simply, with many use cases and examples, what is the AI, what are its applications, consequences on business models, relationship to work and new skills develop.

It is imagined as a trip of 4 stops:

  • UNDERSTAND what is AI and its areas of application in business.
  • OBSERVE use cases.
  • LEARNING LESSONS from the added value of AI on business models and workplace relationships.
  • DEVELOP new SKILLS to perform with AI

It offers more than 60 testimonials from experts and managers of major companies and start-ups in France and internationally.


It is strongly recommended to complete this MOOC by the MOOC of Cécile Dejoux " From Manager to Leader: Becoming Agile and Collaborative " on FUN to acquire the complementary skills.


This MOOC takes place over 4 weeks. Each week has several sequences. Each sequence is composed of several videos of 3 to 10 minutes subtitled in English followed by questions of anchorage which allow the learners to check their acquired.

It can be done in autonomy to any moment from April 15, 2019.

It integrates educational innovations:

  • rich media videos made with Ubicast to share resources in real time,
  • Zeebra interactive forum for mobile use,
  • Mobile case studies created with Teach on Mars under playful form,
  • videos made with the Light Board of the Paris Descartes University of Pharmacy,
  • self-correcting MCQs, social media activities, and several live videoconferences.

Registrants will have access to all content (videos, documents and quizzes) as soon as the Mooc opens and will retain access even after it is closed.
For each sequence, discussions are open on the Zeebra forum and mobile forum. Weekly returns to the main questions asked on the forums will be done live by webconference.


This course is for everyone. There is no prerequisite to follow it.

The Teacher

Cécile Dejoux

University Professor at Cnam Paris, Associate Professor at ESCP Europe, responsible for RH sector including Master GRH and Digital Transformations at CNAM . She teaches at ENA and gives numerous business conferences on management in the digital era and AI, train and learn with digital and know how to work in collaborative mode to create collective intelligence.       

Director, Cnam, Chair of "Future of Work and Managerial Innovations": Learning Lab Human Change -Julhiet-Sterwen . She has published more than 20 scientific articles and books including " Metamorphosis in the Digital Age of AI ", (Pearson, with E. Leon, 2018).       

Awarded Mooc of the Year (2018), nominated Woman in View (2017), the Factory New title "e-pedagogy" (2017), The World "the prof that burst the screen" (2016), on the cover of Challenges in "Learning online" (2015), ranked No. 1 disruptors by the magazine L'Opinion (2014).         

His publications: @CecileDej