French as a Foreign Language (15 weeks)

Training session Code : FL02



1 350 € (entreprise)675 € (particulier)



Individually-tailored study programmes

Program objectives

Individualised follow-up
Regular follow-up is ensured by one-to-one sessions with a personal language coach : a total of 5 hours is dedicated to helping you evaluate your progress in learning.
During each session your coach helps you identify objectives and set priorities; he/she assists you in organising your study-time while providing useful guidance in selecting the right training material.
Between each session you keep a detailed diary to keep track of all activities covered, and document your own process of learning; you note down all issues which need to be discussed with your coach.
The learner’s diary is an efficient way to reinforce your study skills and helps you reassess the course content as you work your way through the module.

A study programme tailored to your needs
The individualised study programme is tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. It allows you to study at your own pace, either at the Cnam Resource centre, or at a location of your choice.
You use a large selection of training materials, including those available et the Resource centre, which you can borrow for more flexibility.

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A minimum of 3 hrs per week is required - 15 weeks

Language learning activities and teaching materials
• Conversations with native French speakers and role-play activities are included.
• Varied training materials are provided : coursebooks, articles, recordings, videos, online resources, authentic material such as films and novels, as well as self-study guides.

The individually-tailored study programme allows you to :
Consolidate and expand your general language skills or focus on specialised fields.
Train for Bulats or other official French tests.
Focus your language practice on specific needs such as :

  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Making presentations
  • Email writing
  • Building confidence on the phone
  • Scanning scientific journals
  • Reading the press or understanding news reports
  • Browsing the web in French

Teaching Center(s)


from January 1, 1970 to January 1, 1970

from January 1, 1970 to January 1, 1970

from October 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Dates à la carte d'octobre 2013 à juin 2014.
Programmes may start anytime between October 2013 and Juin 2014.

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Pédagogique : Annick FITOUSSI 01 40 27 21 86
Renseignements/inscription : Estelle PILON
Inscription s'effectue auprès de : Cnam développement 40, rue des Jeûneurs - 75002 Paris
Bureau A310 Case courrier : 1ASP13