Juho Vainio Foundation

Health Research Grants: "Children’s Health Behaviour and Health Effects Later in Life”

30 septembre 2017

La fondation Juho Vainio récompense à hauteur de 1,5 million d'€ annuel, les projets de recherche et les actions faisant la promotion de la santé publique et d'un mode de vie sain

The Juho Vainio Foundation awards grants for scientific research and activities that promote public health and healthy lifestyles, especially health promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition, prevention of health hazards caused by smoking and the use of alcohol, and the promotion of mental health and environmental health.

The grants awarded annually are approximately 1.500.000 euros.

The grants that the Foundation distributes are personal grants, post doc grantsproject grants and grants for health promoting activities. The latter can only be awarded a grant if there is a scientific research involved and/or an evaluation of the effects and benefits of the project. The Foundation may also award one or more large grant amounting to about EUR 100 000 annually. The amount of this grant is decided on separately by the Board of the Foundation each year. The grants are not awarded for Bachelor’s/ Master’s Theses


The application period for the grants for 2018 is during 1.9. – 30.9.2017 24:00.

The grant application instructions can be found on the Foundation’s website at www.juhovainionsaatio.fi. All applications must be submitted through the grant system, which can be found on the Foundation’s website.


A research/project plan is a required part of the grant application for the first time in the 2016 application round. You will find the research/project plan page under the second tab of the application in our grant system. The questions in front of each “box” to be filled in will help you give the required information. By answering the questions, the contents of the plan will meet the requirements set by the Academy of Finland for research plans. The number of characters in each box is limited, which means that the plan cannot be more than seven pages.

A project plan is typically related to a grant application for health promoting activities. The applicant should fill in the required information where applicable, paying special attention to the requirement concerning the scientific research section and/or assessment of the impacts and benefits of the project.


Estimated amounts of the various grants awarded by the Juho Vaino Foundation:

  • A typical personal grant is EUR 11,250 meant for a 6-month work period.
  • The maximum amount of a post-doc researcher grant is EUR 25,000 without a predetermined work period.
  • In general, the maximum amount of a project grant awarded to a research/working group is EUR 30,000 without a predetermined work period.
  • Based on the discretion of the Foundation, the amount of a grant awarded for health promotion activities may be EUR 5,000 – 20,000 without a predetermined work period.
  •  The amount of a large grant is EUR 100,000 without a predetermined work period.


The annual decision-making, information distribution and payment schedule of the grants is as follows:

  • The application period for grants awarded for the following calendar year is September (1.9.-30.9.).
  • The Foundation Board makes decisions on the distribution of the grants for the following year towards the end of November or by at the end of December at the latest.
  • The names of the grant receivers are published on the Foundation website www.juhovainionsaatio.fi immediately after the Board’s decisions.
  • The grant awarding ceremony takes place in Helsinki on 20th of January following the Board meeting. If the day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the ceremony is held on a weekday preceding the Saturday or following the Sunday.  The invitation to the grant receivers is published on the Foundation website.
  • The payment of the grants to the grant receivers who have submitted their payment schedules starts by 20th of February at the latest.