Developing Field Skills

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Marie-Laure MAHAUT

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Marie-Laure MAHAUT

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Objectifs pédagogiques

Aims of the module:
To illustrate, in the field, topics that have been discussed during lectures, practicals and seminars in modules from Years 1 and 2.
To develop and safely practise a range of advanced practical and analytical field techniques which can be used in subsequent (e.g. dissertation) study.

Compétences visées

Observe, record, and interpret advanced features from investigation of field study sites previously unfamiliar to the student, produce appropriate field notes and sketches.
Use a variety of equipment or techniques to survey/investigate and generate appropriate and useful data from fieldwork sites.
Explain the features, evaluate the data and incorporate into known models, draw appropriate conclusions, and produce final field reports based on synthesised data.


The fieldwork that will be undertaken will depend on the student cohort and will use a range of techniques which may include: terrain analysis, mapping, survey work, social survey work including the use of questionnaires, interview schedules and participant observation, land-use analysis, stratigraphic analysis, depositional environment analysis, geophysical investigation, hazard analysis, resource assessment and management applications. Recordings of field observations will be central, along with analysis and synthesis of data, and incorporation of data into known and research-based models. As appropriate, field and team techniques will be critically evaluated.

Modalité d'évaluation

Assessment Criteria
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