Environmental Management System

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Master in Management MIM M2 group: Sustainable development & Global Quality Management

Objectifs pédagogiques

Environment management, like quality and security management cannot be ignored for all organisations, especially for industrial companies.
The ISO 14000 international standards can help efficiently all managers to introduce environmental dimension in all organisations.
The main objectives of the course are :
  • to  describe all the technical requirements for environmental management
  • to detail  international and national environmental legislation and regulations
  • to  explain methods and tools for pollution identification, energy policy, and control in industry and others activities

Compétences visées

At the end of the lectures, the student should be able:
  • to understand environmental externalities and public-private sector interaction
  • to identify environmental issues and risks in the business context
  • to apply right methods, norms and standards to environmental management
  • to understand international environmental principles and standards and government's policies including ISO 14001, LCA, EMAS,


  • Environment and contaminations : definitions  generalities
  • Environmental legislations and regulations : international  level  
  •  European laws and regulations for environment
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Soil and ground contaminations
  • Noise pollution and others troubles
  • Waste management
  • Pollution management  in industry

Modalité d'évaluation

Evaluation scheme : Final presentation 100%


  • SHOFFMAN A. : ISO 14001: A Practical Approach
  • SANDS P. : Principles of International Environmental Law,
  • OECD : Key Environmental Indicators
  • KELLER D.R. : Environmental Ethics,

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    Cnam - IIM - EPN stratégies - Programmes Master in Management (MIM)
    EPN15, 2 rue Conté bureau 31.2.31
    75003 Paris
    Tel :00 33 1 58 80 85 64
    Sophie Le Liboux - Alice de la Pradelle
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