Assistez à l'intervention du Pr Guinto

Planetary Health: Our New Compass for Our Post-COVID Future

10 mai 2021
9h - 11h

  • Webinaire - Webconférence
Assistez, le 10 mai prochain, à l'intervention du Pr. Renzo Guinto, spécialiste international de la santé. Il est invité dans le cadre de la formation doctorale de l'ED Sciences des métiers de l'ingénieur.e (SMI). Renzo Guinto est Associate Professor of Global Public Health & Inaugural Director, Planetary & Global Health Program au St. Luke's Medical Center College of Medicine - William H. Quasha Memorial aux Philippines.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended not just human health but also every sector of society. Within weeks, an invisible virus leaped from an animal to a human being, traveled across the globe, claimed thousands of lives, and continues to affect millions more. While the evolving impacts of COVID-19 are immense and unprecedented, it must be recognized that this pandemic is just one of the many contemporary health challenges that characterize the Anthropocene – the proposed geological epoch which emphasizes the massive influence of human activities in shaping the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. Such ecological changes drive new health problems in return; for instance, climate change and biodiversity collapse have not stopped with COVID-19’s arrival, presenting long-term negative consequences to global population health.

As novel health threats resulting from human-induced global environmental change continue to unfold, a new scientific and ethical paradigm is needed – planetary health, which is an integrated positive vision for the advancement of health of both people and the planet. In recent years, planetary health has grown into an exciting transdisciplinary space for scientific inquiry, cross-sector advocacy, and policy action with strong commitment to systems thinking and intergenerational equity. It is also an invitation to designing alternative blueprints for the future of economy and society – new models that protect planetary boundaries and meet humanity’s pressing needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened a rare window of opportunity for considering previously unthinkable reforms. Planetary health offers a new compass for the much-needed reset for building a world that is healthy, sustainable, and just – for the current generation and those yet to come.

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Renzo Guinto, MD DrPH is Associate Professor of the Practice of Global Public Health and Inaugural Director of the Planetary and Global Health Program of the St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine in the Philippines. He is also Chief Planetary Doctor of PH Lab – a “glo-cal think-and-do tank” for advancing the health of both people and the planet. His doctoral dissertation at Harvard investigated the concept of ‘climate-smart’ health systems in coastal municipalities in the Philippines. An Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leader, Renzo is also member of several high-level international groups including: Lancet–Chatham House Commission on Improving Population Health post COVID-19 hosted by the University of Cambridge); Lancet One Health Commission at the University of Oslo); and Editorial Advisory Board of The Lancet Planetary Health. Renzo has served as consultant for various organizations including World Health Organization, World Bank, USAID, and Philippine Department of Health, and has also produced short films that communicate the message of planetary healing to the world. In 2020, Renzo was included by Tatler Magazine in its Gen.T List of 400 leaders of tomorrow who are shaping Asia’s future.