CEET Workshop

International Labour Migration: Impacts on Destination Countries


November 30, 2018
9h30 - 13h

  • Noisy-le-grand

Centre d'études de l'emploi et du travail
Le Descartes 1
29, Promenade Michel Simon
93166 Noisy-le-Grand

Salle 209-210, 2e étage

The presentation of the three contributions will be followed by a discussion.
  • Y. Iguchi, “Regional Labor Market Development and Relationship between Internal and International Migration-From Japanese Experience in Comparison with European Countries”.
  • D. Redor, « Wage Premium of the Highly Qualified European Workers (British, French, German, Italian) in the United States”.
  • Y. Iguchi, “Labor Market Integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Germany: Public Policy and Private Initiatives 2015-2018”.

The workshop is animated by Dominique Redor.

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