Lifelong learning and social promotion

The CNAM’s objective is to help everyone to be successful. The ambition for social promotion is part of the institution’s DNA.

Elèves de l'apprentissage à Saint Denis

Social promotion to support economic development.

Make up for lost time, refresh one’s skills while learning new ones, take on new responsibilities and developing one’s career. The CNAM opens its door to everyone who wishes to match their actions with their ambitions.

With a network of educational centres throughout France ensuring local access to education, the CNAM pursues its goal of reducing inequalities in access to education and qualifications. As an interface between employees and companies, the institution supports the development of skills among individuals as well as companies.

Each student is unique.

At the CNAM, there is no typical educational track. A flexible, modular and diversified educational model has been implemented to take into account the fact that each student is unique. Each student can thus create their own educational plan, at their own rhythm, during or after business hours, during the day or during the evening, by distance learning or through on-site courses. Each student goes back and forth between work and education, progressively building up his or her results, with the objective of acquiring new knowledge in order to develop professionally.
As 50% of teachers have experience in the professional world, students are exposed to academic knowledge as well as expertise from the field.

The CNAM helps consolidate career plans

An increasing number of employees and young job-seekers are looking for information, guidance and support. To meet this need, the CNAM has developed a range of personalised services: reception, information, refresher courses, academic support and validation of knowledge acquired through experience (VAE).
Every student receives support in consolidating their career plans through guidance provided before, during and after the educational experience.