M-ERA-NET Cofund

Appel à experts évaluateurs " materials research and innovation "

10 juin 2018

M-ERA.NET Consortium recherche des experts évaluateurs pour son Call 2018 comprenant 6 thématiques recherche dont le topic " Materials for additive manufacturing ".

The M-ERA.NET Consortium is looking for experts to act as evaluators for the Call 2018 Full-Proposal Assessment. The Call 2018 includes the following thematic areas: Multiscale modeling for materials engineering and processing (M3EP) ; Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces ; High performance composites ; Functional materials ; New strategies for advanced material-based technologies health applications ; Materials for additive manufacturing. The aim of the Call 2018 is to fund ambitious transnational RTD projects addressing materials research and innovation including materials for low carbon energy technologies and related production technologies. M-ERA.NET aims to strengthen the contribution of materials R&D to energy-related applications where applicable.

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