Colloque scientifique EUROCALL 2021 organisé - en présentiel et à distance - par le Cnam et Sorbonne Université

CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) & Professionalisation

26 août 2021
27 août 2021

Technology - the new mediator of learning - has both revolutionised the way we learn languages and created a sense of urgency in the need to modernise the initial and ongoing training of today’s and tomorrow’s professionals.

As a result, by focusing on research, technological development and innovation, this conference will explore the potential of technology and of the expansion of educational opportunities in foreign languages to provide a basis for addressing the current issues both higher education and the job market are facing in the 21st century.

A key aspect of the current socio-economic reality is to support learners in increasing their foreign language skills and other competencies required in today’s technology mediated society (team work, project management or the use of digital technologies for example) and help them enhance their employability on the job market.

The presentations will therefore cover the following themes:

  • CALL and professional development
  • CALL, assessment and professionalisation
  • CALL, multimodality and professionalisation
  • CALL, interculturality and professionalisation
  • CALL, soft skills and professionalisation
  • CALL, internationalisation and professionalisation



Thursday August 26th and Friday August 27th


On site : Cnam, 292 rue Saint-Martin Paris 75003 and online via Whova (link to be inserted here)

Who organises?

The Eurocall 2021 conference is organised by Cnam and Sorbonne Université.