Association française du marketing

Call For Common Research Proposals

11 octobre 2019

Il vous reste quelques jours pour répondre à l'appel à projets de recherche communs AFM-AMS ! Cet AAP invite au développement de recherches communes entre membres de l’AFM et membres de l’AMS.

In order to encourage international research collaborations, the French Marketing Association (Association Française du Marketing, AFM) and the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) invite their members to develop joint common research proposals aimed at furthering the advancement of marketing science.

The aim of this call for research proposals is to support especially research collaborations between at least one AFM member and one AMS member. As an initial report of progress, the collaborators would present a communication at the 2021 AMS Annual Conference in New York City. The presentations are aimed at providing constructive feedback from a diverse and experienced audience helpful in better positioning the research for maximum impact. As the final objective is to encourage common publication in international ranked marketing journals, any topic that is appropriate for potential publication in such journals is eligible.

The call is directed towards AMS members as well as AFM members and is open to junior as well as to more senior researchers. Researchers at any rank are invited to submit a proposal.

AFM as well as AMS members, who could have difficulties financing their participation to the 2021 AMS Annual Conference in New York City to present the communication resulting from their AMS-AFM research proposal, can ask for financial help as part of the proposal (this possibility will be limited to $1000 maximum per research proposal).

While AMS as well as AFM members can submit as many joint proposals as desired, no author can receive funding for more than one proposal.

Each co-author submitting a proposal must be a current member of the Academy of Marketing Science and/or the French Marketing Association.

Authors must acknowledge that the project was encouraged by the AMS-AFM Call for Common Research Proposals in all communications and publications resulting from the project. They also should publicize this AMS-AFM collaboration on their campuses, in their communities, etc., attaining as much publicity as possible. For example, any refereed journal publication resulting from the research project should explicitly acknowledge the support of the AMS-AFM Joint Research Initiative.

Requirements for Submission of Proposals


Submissions must include the following:

  • A cover email, a completed application form, including the proposal's title, with the names and addresses (including email addresses) and affiliations of all authors, etc. Please designate two contact persons (one AMS member and one AFM member) and provide phone and fax numbers for each of these two persons as well. Submitters will of course receive an email acknowledgement;
  • The body of the proposal, which should be no more than 3 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font) excluding tables, figures, and references, shall include:
  • A statement of the proposed, substantive contribution and importance of the proposed research, and ending with relevant research questions, propositions, proposed theory or critical hypotheses.
  • A summary literature review sufficient to demonstrate the integration of the research into the extant marketing research base or a written argument demonstrating the innovative nature of the research precluding such integration.
  • A methods section that succinctly outlines the possible research design, including the relevant population and nature of the sample (respondents or subjects, if any) and procedure.
  • A tentative conclusion, including expected results, potential implications, and a discussion of the potential for impact from the research.

Proposal Format Requirements :

  • 3-page limit, excluding references, figures, tables;
  • Contents must be double spaced;
  • 12 point Times New Roman font (or equivalent);
  • One inch margins on all four sides;
  • Title of proposal at the top of page one;
  • Page numbers;
  • An appendix that includes references, tables and figures (if relevant), a timetable for completion of the research, and a resume/curriculum vitae for each co-author.

Proposals must be received no later than 5pm CST on Friday, October 11, 2019. Submissions will be acknowledged via email to Barry Babin and Jean-Luc Herman. Faxed or standard postal mail submissions are not allowed. Co-authors will be notified in November 2019. The supported proposals will be announced to the memberships through AMS as well as AFM Newsletters. Also, winners will be the 2020 AFM Congress in Biarritz, FRANCE, as well as at the 2020 AMS Annual Conference in Coral Gables, Florida, United States.

A joint Scientific Committee consisting of 6 members, 3 from AFM and 3 from AMS, will review all proposals. Prospective members of the committee include Barry J. Babin, John B. Ford, and Adilson Borges from AMS, and Gilles N’Goala, Joël Brée, and Jean-Luc Herrmann from AFM.