International Peace Research Association (IPRA)

IPRA Foundation Peace Research Grants

28 février 2018

La mission de la fondation IPRA est de faire avancer les recherches sur la paix grâce à un examen rigoureux des causes des conflits et des alternatives à la violence. Les prix de la recherche pour la paix de la Fondation IPRA sont de petites subventions destinées à accompagner les chercheurs sur des projets de petite envergure.

The IPRA Foundation invites proposals that are in line with our Mission, Vision and Core Values:

Mission: The mission of the IPRA Foundation is to advance the field of peace research through rigorous investigation into the causes of conflict and examination of alternatives to violence. Peace researchers inform peace activities that inspire visions of a peaceful world.

Vision: The vision of the IPRA Foundation is to:

  • Inspire visions of a peaceful world
  • Promote knowledge of non-violent peace strategies
  • Increase the number of peace scholars around the world
  • Encourage peace science and arts
  • Further the purpose and activities of IPRA
  • Grow worldwide communication and collaboration among peace researchers

Core values:

  • Impactful and socially relevant research: We value original research, and peace activities informed by that research, that contributes to the world community and engages key stakeholders.
  • Positive Peace: We value peace and justice by nonviolent means.
  • Respect: We value respecting dignity, humanity, identity and diversity.
  • Empowerment: We value research by people of and within the most vulnerable and marginalized areas of our world community.


Four documents: To apply for a Peace Research Grant, please fill out the application form, document #1 below, and email it and documents #2 and #3 together at one time to the Grant Administrator, Crystal Money.  Authors of document #4 should submit that letter by email directly to Grant Administrator Crystal Money.

  1. Completed Peace Research Grant Application Form – Emailed by Applicant   Form will be available January 1, 2018
  2. Your Curriculum Vita – Emailed by Applicant
  3. Your Project Proposal, which conforms to the Project Proposal Guidelines below – Emailed by Applicant
  4. A Letter of Support from an official of an organization with which you have been associated, on that organization’s letterhead. This letter should be emailed directly by its author to Crystal Money  (please have it emailed to smallgrants at iprafoundation dot org.)

Fleche vers un site exterieur (nouvelle fenêtre)Peace Research Grant Instructions Printable pdf

Download the IPRA Foundation Peace Research Grant Application and fill it in. Form will be available January 1, 2018

To view previous Peace Research Grant projects, visit our Grant Awardees page.

If you have questions about the application process, grant award or reporting requirements, please contact Grant Administrator Crystal Money.