Session 1

Strategic Issues

Mooc Cnam : Questions stratégiques

June 25, 2016

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Lessons from May the 9th to June the 26th
If you want to lead or to manage, if you refuse to be just jostled around by events and want to be in control of your own future, this mooc is for you. Because we address all sorts of strategy, not just the traditional military version, but crisis management, soft power, intelligence, economic intelligence, mastering the web, etc.

40 tops-ranking experts

, the best researchers and teachers of the strategy community will be there to guide you in this 360° approach and show you, however confused the situation may look, broad collective issues and power relationships subtly emerge, as well as the vision and the motives behind the decision made by leaders.

12 hours of programs, spread over 7 weeks

, you will be able to develop your own analysis tools. You will have the capacity to distance yourself enough to make a decision and you will have a better understanding of all the issues that are vital to our societies, politico-military tensions, historical and identity confrontations, the explosive increase of present-day threats, increasing the weight of finance, etc.

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